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Bathory Legion - Latomie

Bathory Legion - Latomie

Septenary Arts is proud to present "Latomie", the triumphant return of the Roman act Bathory Legion.

In Greco-Roman antiquity latomie were stone or marble quarries that were used to incarcerate slaves, prisoners of war or criminals in general. Today the term, by extension, can be interpreted as "prison", while also possessing certain occult connotations. However, for Bathory Legion, latomie represent places where you die and disappear – or you are reborn stronger.

Musically, ”Latomie” could be seen carrying on where Bathory Legion left off on ”Bukkake S.T.N.” [2012] in that it serves commanding Black Industrial with obscure electronic and avant-garde elements. Yet, this is a recording that defies easy categorization, as each track is completely different from each other. What you will understand at once, though, is that you are witnessing something genuinely sinister. It is also worth noting that "Latomie" is the first Bathory Legion release without any collaborators involved.

”Latomie” is an entity and an experience - and if you lose thyself in its hypnotic layers with an open heart, you will find yourself amidst the mysteries of the latomie.