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Ignis Gehenna - Rites of Transvaluation

Ignis Gehenna - Rites of Transvaluation

Ignis Gehenna returns with it's sophomore album 'Rites of Transvaluation'. A quaturnite Janus face peering back into the fires of the past, toward the darkness of the future- all the while earthed as a threshold of serpent fire light in flux between them. Weaving a style where barbarity, obscurity and melody meld amidst a further delving into unhinged atmosphere.

'Rites of Transvaluation' was predominantly written and recorded in the same sessions as the debut 'Baleful Scarlet Star'. Neither album has an underlying concept throughout though both are intrinsically interwoven and one would do well to listen to each successively.

This is a Pre-Order to be officially released on November 1st.